Foreclosure Defense Attorney and Debt Settlement Lawyer provides Credit solutions for Lehigh, Montgomery and Bucks Counties in Pennsylvania

Experienced Bethlehem, PA lawyer guides you out of financial hardship

If you’ve fallen into overwhelming debt, you are far from alone. There are many casualties of the housing crisis still trying to rebuild their lives, and even as we emerge from the Great Recession, there’s a great deal of market uncertainty and financial turbulence. All of this has made it easy to get into debt and very hard to get out. Fortunately, at my firm, the Law Office of David Kennedy Bifulco, P.C., I provide knowledgeable assistance for debtors in Bethlehem and vicinity. If you need consumer protection services for mortgage or credit card debt, I will explain the law to you and present a range of options available to resolve your debt quickly and cost-effectively.

Advice you can trust from a knowledgeable Bethlehem lawyer

I have a five-star Avvo rating for providing highly professional and ethical legal services. When you retain my firm for your legal issues, you get an attorney who is:

  • Experienced — I learned about consumer debt issues from the inside, as an investment banker engaged in debt purchasing and collection operations for U.S. Asset in Fort Lauderdale, FL and PFS Associates in New York and Pennsylvania. I have also provided legal services to the Resolution Trust Corporation, Department of Housing and Urban Development, American Arbitration Association, Pennsylvania Business Bank and NCO Group, Inc. Knowing how lenders operate, I am able to effectively assist consumers in debt resolution.
  • Caring — Past clients have appreciated how motivated my firm is to tackle their problems and deliver long-sought relief.
  • Resourceful — Each debtor’s story is different, and different facts require different solutions. I personalize my approach, remaining flexible and open to all reasonable opportunities to give clients the relief they seek.

Throughout suburban Philadelphia, including Bucks and Montgomery counties, I am ready to help you overcome the hardships caused by crushing debt.

A wide range of debt relief services for clients in suburban Philadelphia

My firm provides consumer protection services in the following areas:

  • Debt settlement — If you have a credit card balance you cannot possibly hope to repay, I negotiate a reasonable debt settlement that allows you to get on with your life.
  • Foreclosure defense — If your mortgage lender is threatening you with foreclosure, I take decisive steps to help you keep your home.
  • Credit repair — If an error on your credit report or a past blemish is hurting your credit, I take action that requires the credit reporting agency to make the necessary corrections.

When debt is causing you and your family hardship, I am determined to bring effective relief at a very reasonable cost.

Additional practice areas for my suburban Philadelphia law office

Clients in Bucks and Montgomery counties also trust the firm to assist with:

  • Banking law — Given my extensive experience working with lenders, I am also able to provide general counsel service for banks and effective debt collections services for creditors.
  • Personal injury — I represent injured plaintiffs in litigation arising from auto accidents and other acts of negligence.
  • DUI/DWI — I aggressively defend drivers accused of DUI/DWI from charges that jeopardize their license and may result in stiff fines and jail time.
  • Landlord-tenant law— I provide a wide range of landlord-tenant services that include the drafting and review of documents, such as lease notices, residential lease agreements, and eviction notices. I also represent landlords and tenants in court on a variety of matters.

At David Kennedy Bifulco, P.C., you get candid advice and decisive action, because I am determined to provide real solutions to your real legal problems.

Contact an experienced and concerned Bethlehem attorney for your legal needs

If you need urgent assistance with debt relief or any of the other areas of my practice, David Kennedy Bifulco, P.C., I am to help. Call me at 610-676-0650 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation. Parking is available, and most major credit cards are accepted.

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